Botswana to Germany and Back on Sunshine Power

Botswana to Germany and Back on Sunshine Power

This year we’re celebrating 9 years of sustainable ways to discover Chobe all thanks to those beautiful rays of sunshine and a storybook filled with pages still to come.

This may not make sense at first but take a moment to read on for us to explain. The next few paragraphs are guaranteed to help you decide where to stay on your next African Safari.

Tourism is a huge part of our global culture, a treasure chest with so many different kinds of treats. Culture to traditions, new activities and incredible undiscovered places that are yet to be seen. The world is a storybook and reading each chapter is a gift, but if we don’t look after it, the pages will fade and so will its treasures.

“A study published in 2018 by Nature Climate Change suggested that tourism accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which is a very large percentage when we consider all of the possible sources of emissions.”


Sustainable tourism is more than a solar panel, it is a responsibility to our planet. A responsibility that ensures our presence has more of a positive impact on our environment than a negative one. These impacts not only stretch across the environment but also the economy and our communities. Today, Botswana’s tourism accounts for approximately 15% of the country’s GDP and up to 8.9% of the total employment in Botswana.



Since its inception in the 1970s, Chobe Game Lodge has worked hard in sustaining our natural earth even before the advent of energy-efficient design.

Technology certainly has improved our ability to be even more eco-conscious, in the early days however, we understood the responsibility of being the only lodge within the National Park. Sustaining our precious natural environment was paramount from the beginning. To date, we have over 20 different community empowerment initiatives, a Youth Development Programme, a staff Wellness Program, and a push towards Women’s Empowerment with our all-female guiding team.


In 2012, before the introduction of our Electric Vehicles and Boats, Chobe Game Lodge was among the first 10 properties to be awarded the highest Ecotourism level in the country by the Botswana Tourism Organisation, in recognition of our ongoing commitment to social and environmental responsibility. At the heart of our story is the Desert and Delta CARES initiatives, highlighting our core values in developing human potential and building a truly positive sustainable tourism model.




In 2014 we introduced electric safari vehicles and solar-powered boats, the first in Africa. Adding a new chapter to our book for the future, Chobe Game Lodge saw us win at The World Responsible Tourism Awards at WTM in London in 2017.


In 2019, we completed our fleet of solar-powered vessels, becoming the only safari lodge in Africa to operate a fleet of electric boats. Making use of a CO2 emission-free, silent electric 4WD game-drive vehicle (a converted Land Rover) and silent electric safari boats. Our safaris weren’t only incredibly eco-friendly, they added the advantage of a silent vehicle enhancing the experience for all 5 senses on safari.



In January 2023, our team spent some time collating the statistics since our move from the noisy motor vehicles and loud fuel-spilling boat engines to the new electric fleet. We’re proud to share, only a few chapters into our book, our impact has already started making a difference:

  • Co2 emissions saved: 282,400 kgs
  • Petrol saved using electric boats: +-50,000 litres
  • Diesel saved using electric vehicles: +-200,000 litres

Cumulatively, this means our vehicles and boats have travelled around 17,482km, approximately the direct distance from Botswana to Germany and back – all thanks to sunshine.

We aim to preserve the world’s treasures for generations to come and to continue telling the story of Botswana with all its beauty. We’re responsible today for the people and planet of tomorrow.

Find out more about our CARES philosophy at Desert & Delta Safaris:

  • C: Career & Community
  • A: Advanced Health Care
  • R: Responsibility to our Environment
  • E: Equality in the Workplace
  • S: Soul and Spirituality  

Choose to book an Eco-Conscious Safari in 2023.

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