Celebrating 50 years in tourism in Botswana, Chobe Game Lodge Unveils New Website

Chobe National Park, Botswana – 29 November 2023 – In a celebration of fifty years of pioneering excellence, Chobe Game Lodge, the iconic property in the heart of Chobe National Park, unveils its brand-new website. The new website highlights the beauty of the lodge and its’ unparalleled location, which enables diverse activities to explore the park (by water and land in silent, environmentally responsible electric craft), thus ensuring unforgettable safari experiences and connection with nature.

An Iconic Beginning and Unique Legacy

Strategically placed overlooking the Chobe River five decades ago, Chobe Game Lodge is a one of its kind within the Chobe National Park. This secluded location amidst the wildlife continues to offer an unrivalled perspective for guests on the beauty and wonders of the area. Later, as the first five-star safari lodge in Botswana, it marked the dawn of the luxury ecotourism era in the country.

Part of Chobe Game Lodge’s legacy is the story of Hollywood legends Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who found not only solace but also love amidst the serene beauty of the lodge. Their love story culminated in a historic wedding ceremony at the lodge in 1975.

In 1992, Chobe Game Lodge merged with Desert & Delta Safaris to form the subsidiary Chobe Holdings Limited (Chobe). By 1999, Chobe were the first and now remain the only ecotourism company to be listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange, thus ensuring broad based citizen ownership and all revenues received in Botswana.

Over the years Chobe Game Lodge has undergone regular rebuilds, additions and refurbishments, including an extensive raised walkway with viewing platforms, aptly named the “Chobe Deck of Fame” for its commanding views of the Chobe River and its game rich floodplains.

Evolution into Leading the Way in Sustainable Tourism

Our unwavering commitment to the environment has evolved over the years, propelling us to the forefront of responsible tourism. The lodge’s dedication to minimizing its ecological footprint led to the introduction of the first solar-powered electric safari boats in Africa. This ground-breaking initiative not only reduced the impact on the delicate ecosystem and transformed the famous Chobe River safari into a smooth, silent experience but also set a new standard for environmentally conscious tourism practices.

The lodge also introduced several electric game-drive vehicles in 2014 while supplementing the property’s power supply with a vast solar plant in 2018. Amidst several other recycling and eco-initiatives we are committed to pioneering responsible tourism with the smallest footprint possible.

Empowerment and Trailblazing

Chobe Game Lodge’s legacy extends beyond our commitment to sustainability; we have also been a trailblazer in empowering women within the tourism industry. In 2004, the lodge hired the first female safari guides in Botswana, which later culminated in the formation of the continent’s first all-female guiding team, aptly named the ‘Chobe Angels’. This initiative opened new doors for women in a traditionally male-dominated field and fosters our  workplace diversity and inclusivity ethos.

Andrew Flatt, Marketing Director of Chobe Game Lodge, expressed his enthusiasm about the lodge’s 50-year celebration and the launch of the new website, saying, “It’s not easy to encapsulate such a wonderful property and rich history in a website, however the last fifty years have been a remarkable journey of guest excellence, innovation, and people empowerment. Our new website represents not just our history but our vision for the future. Featuring refreshed imagery, the website is designed to provide our guests with an immersive and interactive experience. We want our future travellers to appreciate our unique location inside Chobe National Park, thus ensuring outstanding wildlife experiences and to get a feel for how beautiful our lodge is and the friendly staff that await them.”

A Glorious Present and a Bright Future

Managing Director Jonathan Gibson, who rebuilt the lodge in 1983, spoke about the significance of this milestone, stating, “Chobe Game Lodge’s 50-year anniversary is a testament to the enduring spirit of our team and our unwavering commitment to putting Botswana and the Chobe region high up on travellers’ wish list. As we look back on our history, we also look forward to a future where responsible tourism remains at the forefront of our efforts. This milestone signifies not just our past achievements but also the boundless potential of what we can accomplish in the years to come.”

For any further information, please contact: marketing@desertdelta.com

New Website: www.chobegamelodge.com

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