Sustainable Luxury Tourism at its Finest: Chobe Game Lodge

Sustainable Luxury Tourism at its Finest: Chobe Game Lodge

Immerse yourself in a realm where luxury safari seamlessly intertwines with sustainability at Chobe Game Lodge. This exquisite haven, not only captivates with its awe-inspiring setting, but also embarks on a purposeful journey, meticulously designed to minimize our ecological footprint and safeguard the pristine natural environment shared with our cherished guests.

Our comprehensive Environmental Management Plan (EMP) encompasses every facet of our operations, embracing energy conservation (including fuel, generators, electricity, and eco-friendly alternatives like biogas and LPG), water stewardship, recycling initiatives, and meticulous waste management practices (such as reducing food waste, recycling programs, and responsible disposal of municipal waste).

Your visit to Chobe Game Lodge promises a revitalizing and contented experience. Discover the distinctive elements that set us apart:


Since 2004, Chobe Game Lodge has been home to the remarkable Chobe Angels—an exceptional team of 20 female guides who courageously challenge gender norms, blazing the trail as Africa’s first all-female guiding team.

Powered off the grid:

Our lodge and surrounding structures proudly boast an expansive “green” rooftop adorned with 600 square meters of solar panels. Harnessing the sun’s energy, these panels generate an impressive 104 kilowatt of electricity during peak performance. Complementing this, we supplement our power supply with the eco-friendly hydro-electric power scheme of Victoria Falls, ensuring an authentically sustainable energy experience.

Unforgettable Solar-Powered Adventures:

Embark on captivating Game Drives in our whisper-quiet Electric Land Rovers or set sail on the Chobe River aboard our eco-friendly eBoats. Bid farewell to the clamor and emissions of traditional diesel engines, and immerse yourself in extraordinary tranquility.

Revolutionary Recycling Initiatives:

At Chobe Game Lodge, we elevate recycling to unprecedented heights. Our commitment begins with the meticulous preparation of glass waste, which is transformed into coarse sand-like material, serving as the foundation for bricks used in diverse construction projects. Aluminum cans are diligently recycled, while our trusted mineral water supplier, Aquarite, collects and repurposes plastic water bottles through their recycling program. Furthermore, we diligently separate and cleanse cardboard boxes and polystyrene punnets, returning them to Ron’s Fresh Produce, our esteemed provider of fresh and frozen goods.


Sustainable Grey Water Solutions:

We’ve harnessed innovation to address greywater management. Our closed septic tanks efficiently capture wastewater, which undergoes treatment in our state-of-the-art above-ground sewage treatment plant. Through a natural anaerobic process, grey water is purified, cleansed, and blended with river water in ozone tanks, eradicating harmful bacteria. This fully treated water nourishes our gardens, fostering a harmonious ecosystem.


Innovative Food Waste Management:

Our kitchen’s byproducts equally contribute to our sustainable practices. Carefully bagged food waste is transported to our on-site Biogas Plant, where it undergoes processing in two biogas reactors, generating valuable methane gas for cooking in our staff canteen. Any remaining combustible materials are incinerated on-site, utilizing the resulting ash as a nutrient-rich fertilizer to nurture our lush lawns.


Conservation and Tourism Unite:

In Africa, conservation and tourism are inseparable partners, working hand in hand for a sustainable future. By choosing to support responsible tourism organizations like Chobe Game Lodge, you play a pivotal role in preserving the remarkable environments you explore, ensuring a harmonious coexistence for generations to come.

Welcome to Chobe Game Lodge, where sustainable luxury travel awaits.

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