Game Drives

Game Drives

Exceptional game drives, year round

Game driving along the banks of the Chobe River is one of the most incredible wildlife viewing experiences in Africa. Vast numbers of game are drawn to the cool waters of the river from the parched surrounding bush. Each day different dramas are played out in the perpetual fight for survival, and each day you drive out not knowing what you might see.

Because Chobe Game Lodge sits right inside the National Park, we can set off for early-morning game drives as soon as the park opens, giving you the best chance to track predators while they are most active. Depending on the season, afternoon drives then depart in late afternoon, returning at park closure time after sunset, allowing you to either watch game right until the last light, or enjoy your sundowners in full.

Uniquely, we have an all-female guiding team of incredibly experienced guides who know every inch of the Chobe River route along which our drives run. They are able to pick up on the signs of the bush – animal behaviour, tracks, scents and noises – to bring the wilderness to life. Guests can expect to see large numbers of elephant for which the area is famous, as well as huge herds of buffalo, the elegant impala and majestic giraffe. If you’re lucky you may see the slightly rarer puku, which are endemic to wetlands and birds too numerous to mention. Predators are plentiful in the northern region of the Chobe National Park, with excellent sightings of lion, wild dog and leopard.

Chobe Game Lodge prides itself in leading the way with electric powered game-viewing, with a silent electric vehicles joining our fleet of electric boats. The silence of electric vehicles transforms the experience, and the clever design of the 4x4s gives guests a wide, uninterrupted view from which to spot slinking leopards, and get the best shots possible.