Family Safaris

Family Safaris

Broadening young horizons

Safaris are perfect for children. They are jam-packed full of outdoor adventures and activities, and in our increasingly digital world, they allow children to get away from screens and have a real adventure.

Our brilliant guides love children and know exactly how to keep them tuned in. Stopping to look at lion footprints, or standing next to an elephant bone. Peering through binoculars at a weaver bird carefully repairing a nest, or watching as huge crocs slip silently into the water as you cruise by. These are experiences that will stay with children forever – cemented into their memories by the deep sleep that comes from a day outdoors.

We are able to tailor your day to fit around children – mealtimes can be brought forward to accommodate early bedtimes, hot-chocolates brought to your room in the morning for a cosy start.

Our triple rooms and family suites are great places for children of all ages, with lots of space, separate (but interconnected) rooms, and your own plunge pool – giving you privacy and a space to all be together.