Are you looking for a getaway that combines adventure, breathtaking scenery, and amazing wildlife? Are you a lover of all things Elephant? If you’ve answered yes to the above, then it is time to start thinking about planning your Botswana Safari in 2023.

1. Unparalleled Wildlife Viewing Opportunities

Chobe offers some of the most spectacular game viewing in Africa with over 90 species. Including 4 of the big 5. With the largest elephants in the world, an abundance of beefy buffalo, graceful gazelle, lethal lions and laid-back leopards, Chobe is the ultimate wildlife experience.

Chobe is home to approximately 120,000 Kalahari elephants, the biggest of their species in the Elephant world. Often found frolicking in the water, or crossing the channels with their snorkel-like trunks in the deeper parts of the Chobe River.

Other incredible wildlife encounters include hyenas, the annual Zebra migration and the less common antelope (eland, roan & sable) and 450 bird species found in the grasslands and waterways.

2. Incredible Natural Landscapes & Terrain

With over 10,000 square kilometres of boundless ecosystems, Chobe’s diverse habitats make it an ecological paradise. When exploring the park by vehicle, guests are always bewildered by the unexpected picture-perfect vistas around every bend.

The contrasting terrain boasts lush thickets of shrubbery spilling down riverside embankments, dry savannahs, marsh areas, lagoons and dense woodlands. These gradually merge into seasonal floodplains, mirroring distant mountains. Whether you’re visiting Chobe Game Lodge or Savuti Safari Lodge these locations have their own awe-inspiring sights.

In the dry period between June to October large herds of elephants and buffalo converge on the river’s edge to guzzle down as much water as they can before they return to the park in search of better grazing or browsing. Often a small herd will migrate to a nearby grassy island to enjoy the greenery and water access all to themselves.

To add to these sensational landscapes each day is a theatrical sunset that throws an array of hues across the land highlighting the exquisite landscape below.

3. Water Based Game Viewing

A game drive is a spectacular option for safari-goers in the Chobe National Park, especially with Chobe Game Lodge’s silent electric game drive vehicles. With over 100km of river frontage, Chobe boasts an unusual benefit where guests can discover the park via boat-based game viewing.

With Chobe Game Lodge’s electric boat safaris our guests get closer to nature than ever before. The afternoon is the perfect time for wildlife encounters and sunsets over the horizon. Everything you see changes as a cloak of gentle hues paints the landscape below. As you silently cruise down the Chobe River, a mass of wildlife appears at the water’s edge to drink. Watch as the giraffe does a graceful split as he reaches his awkwardly long neck down to enjoy a drink of water.

The water brings you closer to the water-based wildlife, and Chobe river is home to a bountiful abundance of hippos and crocodiles.

For bird lovers, this is the ideal place to see swooping fish eagles as they scan the deep waters scouting for dinner.

4. Ideal for Any Traveller

Whether you’re a family looking for a memorable holiday, a couple looking to celebrate something romantic or an individual wanting to escape from reality – a trip to Chobe for you.

Watching as your children set their eyes upon their first herd of elephants trumpeting or swimming across the Chobe River is a gift on its own. Africa is wildly exhilarating and is the best place for your child to put down the game console and discover stimulating real-life experiences. Teach your child about Africa by immersing them in it. Our Woman guides love spending time teaching the “kiddos” about all the wonders of the Chobe wilderness.

If the romance of Africa is calling, a Safari in Botswana’s Chobe National Park is the idyllic place to create romantic memories that will last forever bringing you closer together. Savour moments of picturesque sunsets as you quietly drift down the Chobe River, reminisce on that marvellous moment when the fierce lion walked towards the game viewer and your other half slowly wrapped you in their arms to keep you close and safe. Love and magic are found in Africa.

Perhaps you’re looking for some “me” time? A trip to Africa allows you to unplug in a special place and enjoy the sounds of nature. Our Allomothers at Chobe Game Lodge make sure you are never alone unless you truly choose to be. Our family awaits.

5. Chobe Game Lodge, the only lodge in Chobe National Park

Alongside an incomparable natural world and inconceivable wildlife experiences, one of the many perks to a stay in Chobe National Park is Chobe Game Lodge. The very first and only lodge built with the park. With this responsibility, Chobe Game Lodge has become a leader in responsible tourism. Its hybrid of Arabian and Moroccan-inspired interiors, its famed boardwalk, its Instagram-able viewing deck and its incredible team – make a stay at Chobe Game Lodge a mixture of luxury, privacy, and peace paired with one of Africa’s greatest adventures.

So where do you choose to spend your 2023 adventures? If one of our 5 reasons have you leaning towards Chobe National Park then take a moment to get in touch.

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