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With Chobe Game Lodge

Enjoy the diversity of the region’s abundant wildlife on guided 4WD game drives and take in the beauty of the famous Chobe River on a boat safari while witnessing massive herds of animals and prolific birdlife along the riverfront.

Activities offered at Chobe Game Lodge include morning and afternoon game drives; mid-morning and late-afternoon boat safaris; back of house eco-tours and Chobe cultural exploration trips (four-night stay only). Chobe Game Lodge is fully inclusive, so you are welcome to do as little or as much as you please.

  • Chobe River Safaris

Afternoon and Mid-morning Boat Safaris

No Chobe safari is complete without experiencing the beauty of the Chobe River and its incredible wildlife by boat.

The ‘skimmer boats’ seat up to 12 guests in comfortable, movable deck chairs on a flat and stable platform. The river boats are specifically designed to ensure each passenger can take in the magnificent Chobe views in complete comfort from anywhere on the boat. Owing to the flexibility in seating arrangements and the flat deck, the boats are ideal for keen wildlife photographers, with ample space for equipment and the freedom to photograph from any angle.

Unlike any other water-based activity in Botswana, the game viewing while on a river safari in Chobe is unsurpassed anywhere in Botswana. Elephant line the water’s edge, hippo congregate in lagoons, hundreds of antelope and giraffe make their way to the water and sightings of predators along the river banks are common.

Together with its fleet of electric land vehicles, Chobe Game Lodge has several electric and solar-powered safari boats – a clean and quiet way to enjoy a boat safari and another first for tourism in Africa.

  • 4WD Game Drives

Morning and Afternoon Game Drives

Owing to the location of Chobe Game Lodge inside the Chobe National Park, early-morning game drives set off as soon as the park opens, giving you the best chance of tracking predators while they are still active. The afternoon drives depart the lodge in the late afternoon (the exact time is dependent on the season), only returning at park closure time after sunset, thus maximising the time you spend out in the park to enjoy those special sightings.

The drives follow the course of the Chobe River as your experienced guide interprets the bush signs and tracks in search of the resident wildlife. Elephant encounters are common and huge herds of buffalo abound. The ever-present impala and the majestic giraffe are both common residents, while sightings of the puku antelope are also on offer. Predators are plentiful in the northern region of the Chobe National Park, and excellent sightings of lion, wild dog and leopard are to be had.

The Chobe Game Lodge vehicles are open 4WD game viewers redesigned to make your trip comfortable and your viewing experience astonishing. Included in the fleet are several silent, CO2 emission-free electric vehicles designed to further enhance your Chobe safari.

Spa treatment at Chobe Game Lodge

Spa Treatments

Situated well within the hotel, Spa Kwa Maningi offers guests a chance to relax and unwind. The elegant and stylish Spa invokes the spirit of Africa with traditional spa offerings including traditional African Footwash, Kigelia Africana as well as Red Bush Tea facials to name a few. 

Relieve stress, restore balance and enjoy one of our memorable massages to enhance your true African Experience! You can view the full list of available treatments on Spa Kwa Maningi.

Eco Tours

Eco Tours

Chobe Game Lodge is a fully Ecotourism certified safari lodge as recognised by the Botswana Tourism Organisation. Guests are invited on an Ecotour to witness firsthand the projects underway during a mid-morning back of house ecotour conducted by Albert Ndereki, one of the company’s longest standing employees and ecotourism manager.

A ‘Behind the scenes tour’ will allow you to meet some of the wonderful people that make it all happen while discovering the innovative projects taking place.

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