18 Years of Positive Reviews with Women in the Wild

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Our Chobe Angels

A Break with Tradition

If you don’t know why we’re writing this blog then we’d first like to give you a little history.

Like a majestic baobab, tradition and culture in Africa is a story thousands of years old. From above we see a strong, solid African heritage – what many don’t see below the aromatic, earthy brown is a magnificent root system that twists and turns, entangled together to form a firm foundation for past times and centuries to come.

The Sky is the limit, but Let’s Begin with our Roots

Africa’s 3,000 (or so) tribes form an integral part of its roots, some known to go as far back as 30,000 years. The San is one of the oldest known tribes and collectively paired with the Khoikhoi, they’re referred to as the Khoisan – known as the “World’s first or oldest people.”

With very little outside influence in rural Africa, many tribes remain true to their beliefs which have been passed down from generation to generation. But, the world is changing and education is at the forefront of change.

They won’t stop at the sky

In 2004, a pioneering and inspirational woman took a step towards change, keeping with her roots but simply paving the way for a new era in the Safari industry. Florence Kasigo was one of the first African female guides at Chobe Game Lodge, a position that traditionally was filled by men.

Determination, no matter your gender, is an unstoppable trait because behind it is passion, love and above all hard work.

In most African countries a woman’s responsibility is to nurture the household and family. A women’s responsibility spans further – if you have ever been to Africa you’ll have seen women (with babies on their backs) working 15 to 18 hours a day on the family farm. (Women are responsible for 80% of the small-scale food produced in Africa and spend the equivalent of 40 billion hours a year collecting water.)

With their obvious hardworking vigour, challenges like changing tires or churning through muddy terrain in a hardy 4×4 seem a lot less overwhelming. 18 years ago 17 ambitious women followed in Flo’s footsteps beginning what is known today as “The Chobe Angels” – Africa’s very first all-female guiding team. To add a little more to this amazing achievement, today across Desert & Delta Safaris 50% of our management team are women.

Changing the face of the Modern African Safari

Guests expect incredible wildlife sightings, animals behind every corner and memories that last a lifetime. The Chobe Angels make all this possible while adding a little spice and everything nice with a little more nurture to nature. 

Here are some magical reviews from our Guests on TripAdvisor:

“Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the lodge is the safari guides. The guides are all women! These women are well-versed and boy do they work hard! The wildlife is SOOO amazing and so is the service. You will not be disappointed. A Big shout out to Ruth, Black and Ebow (?) for making my trip remarkable.”


“I love that the Lodge trains women to be guides, as this is otherwise a very male-dominated field. Our guide was the best!”

Julie R

“The lodge benefits from the “Chobe Queens” a group of female guides, our guide, Bella, was an absolute gem – knowledgeable about the animals and plants and an amazing spotter of the wildlife.”


“The wonderful all-female game drive guides show you the magical life in the bush and on the water.”

Sybille B

“5 glorious days with the fabulous people at the Lodge and the wonderful all-female game drive leaders. Our guides were Bella and Janet who were both knowledgeable and the equal of any male guides.”

Colin H

“KG was the amazing driver that allowed us to see so many animals. She was determined to find them for us and nothing was too much trouble for her. She was so informative and answered every single question we asked her. KG truly made our drives incredible and unforgettable, if it wasn’t for her it wouldn’t of been the same.”

Carla A

Visit Chobe Game Lodge and discover the Chobe wilderness with our Angels

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