Our Electric Safari Fleet Grows

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In November 2014 we officially launched our first eco-friendly electric vehicle and boat at Chobe Game Lodge. Less than two years later and we are proud to officially announce the arrival of our fourth electric game drive vehicle!

This brings our electric fleet to four game-drive vehicles and three safari boats, one of which is solar powered. Well over half the game-viewing fleet!

To celebrate the arrival of the new vehicle and to give you insight into what awaits at Chobe Game Lodge our team put together a short video for you. Since the introduction of electric safaris, guests have been enjoying a much quieter more authentic safari & the natural environment benefits from a cleaner operation as the vehicles and boats are CO2 emission free.

From the start of our our electric fleet conversion project we have been closely monitoring the vehicles and boats to understand the impacts of the fleet on both our operation costs and the reduction of carbon emissions. Below are some interesting figures from our latest report.

Electric Vehicles:

The total number of kilometres covered driven by the four electric vehicles – 53 860 km

Total litres of diesel saved using the four vehicles – 9 617 l

Estimated CO2 emissions saved – 25 296 kg


Electric Safari Boats:

The total number of hours done by all three electric boats – 2 556 hours

Total number of litres of petrol saved – 5 495 l

Estimated CO2 emissions saved – 12 749 kg


While the quietness of the electric motor is perfectly suited to the safari industry, as a fully Ecotourism Certified lodge our objective is to be the leading sustainable tourism property in Africa. In doing so we are aiming to run a complete fleet of electric vehicles and safari boats at Chobe Game Lodge.

If you are interested in any further information about electric powered safaris please feel free to contact us.


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