The Chobe (Game Lodge) pride is growing

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While there may not be many people around to see them, our resident pride of lions around Chobe Game Lodge have been taking the time to grow their family! 

The now proclaimed Chobe Game Lodge pride, because of their preference to the area the lodge is in, has grown and are enjoying the abundance of choice in food at the moment.

“The few of us that are here at the lodge have been enjoying our afternoons watching hundreds of elephants come to the waters edge around the lodge and have been particularly excited about the growth of the Chobe pride that we are seeing almost every day now. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of lions around, but this pride have been through a lot and to see them flourish is lovely”, explains the Chobe Game Lodge environmentalist.

One of the sub adult male lion in the Chobe Pride

Across the river, on the Namibian side, there are areas of farmlands that are utilized by local farmers from the communities. These farmers take their livestock out during the day to feed along the floodplains and sometimes drink from the Chobe River. This presents the predators on the Botswana side with an opportunity and the lions have been known to swim across the river to hunt the livestock, causing conflict between them and the farmers.  

A team consisting of lodge owners, environmentalists and researchers from the area (on both the Botswana & Namibian side) has been formed and several meetings have been held at Chobe Game Lodge to address this conflict and find a resolution. Educating and supporting these farming communities on conflict management techniques is proving to be very successful and the team are confident that the livelihood of the farmers is being positively influenced while limiting the opportunity for conflict with predators. A sightings monitoring survey has also been created and shared with all operators who make use of this beautiful region to ensure the team have accurate and up to date information on the lion populations, movement and activities while also including the broader industry in the initative.

A new member of the Chobe Lion Pride

All of this means we are once again promoting side by side living with the animals that call our home, their home too, which brings renewed hope in the longevity of Botswana’s pristine & celebrated wildlife offerings and continued support in the conservation of our beautiful land and all its inhabitants.

One of the females in the lion pride around Chobe Game Lodge

We are proud to be leading such initiatives and look forward to watching our prides grow from strength to strength.

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