Chobe Angels Stand in Support of the Female Ranger Warriors in Africa

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Today marks the first ever World Female Ranger Day, a day highlighting the women around the African continent who have dedicated their lives to the conservation and preservation of Africa’s wildlife and natural environments. 

The Chobe Angel’s, Africa’s first established all female safari guiding team from Chobe Game Lodge, joined in the celebrations today in honour of these trailblazing women around the continent.  

Organisers of this auspicious event aim to not only highlight the incredible work being done by powerful and influential women in the fields of conservation and anti-poaching in Africa, but to help raise funds to directly support these causes. Individuals and causes have been identified all over the African continent and can be found on the World Female Rangers Day website.

All-Female Guiding Team at Chobe Game Lodge in the Chobe National Park

The Chobe Angels are a team of 20 female guides who challenged gender norms to become Africa’s first all female guiding team. Chobe Game Lodge has hired female guides as part of their guiding department since 2004 when Florence Kagiso become the first women to join the team inside the Chobe National Park. When Florence joined, there were estimated to be only 8-10 female guides in the country. That number has grown to well over 60 guides and counting.  

There are many ways to get involved and show your support, we encourage everyone to donate, participate and spread the word.  

Tourism and conservation work hand in hand in Africa. Your support to responsible tourism organisations goes a long way in supporting conservation in the areas you visit.   

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