Mystery elephant deaths in North West Okavango, solved!

The Chobe National Park is home to a third of Botswana’s elephant population and we here at Chobe Game Lodge have a deep love and respect for these noble creatures.  Earlier this year, reports that several hundred elephants were found dead in the North West Okavango Delta region took the world by storm. The cause […]

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The Chobe (Game Lodge) pride is growing

Male lion in the Chobe National Park near Chobe Game Lodge

While there may not be many people around to see them, our resident pride of lions around Chobe Game Lodge have been taking the time to grow their family!  The now proclaimed Chobe Game Lodge pride, because of their preference to the area the lodge is in, has grown and are enjoying the abundance of […]

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A Visit to Albert’s Farm in the Chobe Enclave

Visiting the Chobe Enclave with Chobe Game Lodge and Chobe Holdings

You all know Albert! One of Botswana’s longest serving tourism professionals and winner of We Are Africa SHAPE AFRICA award in 2019. He went into semi-retirement late last year and he and his son’s have been extremely busy on their farm in the Chobe Enclave.  He invited the directors of the Chobe Game Lodge to come […]

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GUEST POST: Back of House Ecotour with Johan

Ecotourism at Chobe Game Lodge

There is just SO much to love about Chobe Game Lodge… the luxurious rooms and comfy lounge areas, the coolness of the swimming pool and the scrumptious food – from delicious breakfasts, the yummiest cappuccinos and cocktails (served with paper straws), to the finest of dining and most decadent of desserts. Then there are the […]

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