Albert Ndereki- Botswana’s legendary EcoTourism Encyclopedia

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Albert Ndereki is one of the longest-serving members of the Botswana tourism industry. Apart from a brief interlude during the closure of the property, he’s dedicated over 40-years of his life to Chobe Game Lodge.

As a young man, he was part of the construction crew building the iconic Chobe Game Lodge in 1971. The first of its kind in the country and putting high-end luxury tourism on the Botswana map for the very first time.

Today Albert is widely acknowledged with the local communities as the encyclopedia of Ecotourism. He manages all elements of the lodge’s award-winning ecotourism facilities including one of the industry’s largest water-treatment plants, a solar plant & the incredible waste management systems on site that crushes cans and turns glass bottles to building bricks.

Albert on a back of house ecotour at Chobe Game Lodge

Albert has led guests on ‘back of house ecotours’ since the lodge was amongst the first properties to be fully Botswana eco-certified in 2012. He takes immense pride in not just demonstrating the innovative technology, like the first solar powered safari boats, but sharing with guests the journey we’ve taken in thriving in the way we adapted our operations.

His laughter is infectious as he shares anecdotes from years gone by. From the days he recalls when Richard Burton would serenade Elizabeth Taylor ensued by full blown arguments during their second honeymoon in the ’70s. Proud stories of getting the first gas to ignite at the onsite biogas plant and fond memories working side by side on the grounds of the lodge with Mr Jonathan Gibson, the managing director and co-founder.

Albert’s passion & humility has a lasting effect on the visitors that get to meet him. His talks share the history of how far Botswana has come as a country since he first started working.

Through his numerous presentations & collaborations with local NGO’s and community outreach programs, there is no doubt that Albert has a positive impact on our world by changing the way people think about ecotourism and managing our resources.

Albert receiving a certificate of appreciation award at Chobe Game Lodge

By leading by example in his team Albert has dedicated his life to nurturing young Motswana’s from the local communities to be hard-working and responsible individuals through his mentorship and pride in working for Chobe Game Lodge.

Although Albert continues moving into semi-retirement we want to take this opportunity to recognise this great man as a stalwart of Africa’s tourism industry

Sometimes recognition in our tourism industry only goes to those who have the global platform. For years and years, Albert has worked diligently and held his head high as a proud Motswana. He has inspired us all and positively changed the lives of many.

Well done and thank you Rra! You are a top man!

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