A Visit to Albert’s Farm in the Chobe Enclave

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You all know Albert! One of Botswana’s longest serving tourism professionals and winner of We Are Africa SHAPE AFRICA award in 2019. He went into semi-retirement late last year and he and his son’s have been extremely busy on their farm in the Chobe Enclave. 

Albert on his farm in the Chobe Enclave

He invited the directors of the Chobe Game Lodge to come and visit his farm last week and what an amazing job he’s done. They have a beautiful fresh borehole, he’s worked out a method of using old VCR tapes to deter birds and his tomatoes are growing plump and ripe as we speak. 

Crushing maize with the local farmers and the Elephant Without Borders portable community crusher.

Albert organised a meeting between the local village councillors (Satau), the Chobe Game Lodge directors and local NGO Elephants Without Borders. He wants to see more of the local farmers adopt new technology that helps deter elephant from damaging crop yields and encourage the farmers to make use of the free maize and sorghum crushing services that they provide for the community. We’ll be sharing more on this great initiative soon.

Surveying the farms in the Chobe Enclave

One week later we are delighted to see the project in Satau village is up and running. So despite Albert’s recent semi-retirement he is as busy as ever doing his bit for the local community. Well done Albert and the Elephant Without Borders team and thank you so much for inviting us to your beautiful farm. We salute you Rra! 

Enjoying a visit to the Chobe Enclave with Albert and his family
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